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"We are loving our time at Alexan! It’s just a great neighborhood! There is everything we need just within the block of Summerhill and the community always make’s residents aware of what is happening"
"Great apartment and very nice amenities very clean and well kept love living at this community I’m so glad I chose to live here easy commute"
"I would like to Thank Sazsa Lyle for her assistance in making the application experience smooth . She was very knowledgeable , patience and pleasant. Again I would like to Thank her."
"So far my experience has been positive, the community is generally quiet, the amenities are nice and the parking doesn't get crazy. Staff are friendly and fairly quick to respond to residents."
"I’m loving my stay, my apt. is in the perfect location. I have access to everything. I love it here! From Everyone at the front desk to everyone on the maintenance team to the hard working ppl who I see every morning on my way out who clean this place up! It’s wonderful I would suggest more parking for guests."
"My Experience has been terrible! The day I moved in the freight elevator was not working & my apartment was dirty! hair in the fridge and microwave! Marks all over the walls, grease stains in the kitchen, etc. Also, my washer and dryer hasn't worked since I moved in and currently still not working!"
"Love living here , really appreciate the staff! Not a fan of booting peoples cars where they live unless they don’t live here . All in all , cool place to live"
"Everything's been great so far! Love the community get together's...nice touch. The kitchen is my favorite part because of the appliances and gas stove!"
"Great amenities. The pool, gym, and the Maker’s space are especially beautiful. Parking garage needs speed limit signs. Please make sure gate closes behind each resident."
"The neighborhood is great, and the unit is decent (lot of imperfections and constant little things that need fixed but overall comfortable standard of living). The negatives are severe, though. Move-in was a challenge because of near-permanently broken freight elevator. Constantly trying to have price and costs raised on us even after signing our lease. Fire alarms go off constantly. Internet is bad and takes some know-how to work around. Not smooth. Being a renter is never fun, though. Who can say if you'll find better elsewhere?"
"Absolutely love this apartment building! Everything has been great our first month. Spacious units, modern amenities, and a great location. Couldn't be happier with my choice."
"We have loved living in a new unit and being able to walk to restaurants and stores in the area. The new Publix has been a regular spot we walk to. It’s very convenient to be able to walk 5 minutes to get all the ingredients you need for a meal."
"the staff is very inviting. this was my first apartment out of student housing so it was definitely an easy transition with the help of alexan."
"The leasing office staff always makes me smile! Everything is going well, the key card for our individual unit entry will be useful though so I hope that comes soon."
"The leasing agents are nice. Attentive and helpful always! I’m confident that they will hear any concerns I have and put in the effort to help."
"I love living here. The apartments are gorgeous and it is a perfect fit for me. I love the unlimited cabinet space and the spacious bathroom."
"We really love our community. The amenities and facilities are amazing and modern. We love the pet park for our dogs. The staff is very friendly and helpful."
"Since living here the management team has shown no concern or care for the residents living at Alexan. These extremely strict and costly parking rules with a little alternative that has not benefited anyone actually living at the property, alarms going off, flooding, having two packages lost by fetch, bug issues, my toilet being broken, and having a gas leak. Now I have to be concerned about my visitors parking on the street. Unfortunately, I have been very disappointed in the Manager and General manager's direction for this Apartment complex. It seems as though they only want to get money from the residents instead of making sure they are happy with their time here. I can say many residents are very unhappy and happy. I heard Bozzuto properties are nice so I would suggest you go look at a nother one."
"We have enjoyed living at the Alexan so far! Move in was a bit tough, due to the elevator on our floor not working, but the team at the Alexan reached out to us ahead of time to let us know the situation and offer us other move in options. I appreciate how hard the leasing team works for residents- though I definitely think they need more help and support. They simply don’t have enough time in the day to attend to the amount of people in the building."
"We were skeptical about moving here because of the location but it has been amazing! although there are 1000 little kids that take over the pool making it hard to relax out there, the other amenities are amazing as well!"
"Throughly enjoy living here! The amenities have stayed clean and the staff is still as friendly as the first day I moved in. I’ve enjoyed it so much, I’ve renewed my lease. Here’s to another year with Alexan :)"
"Only been at Alexan Summerhill for a little over a month but the Amenities and staff are top notch. Never had an issue and don't for see having one in the future."
"So far, so good! Alexan fits my community living standard. The property is always clean & smells nice. Neighbors are friendly. The only 2 things I have trouble with are that the fire alarms are extremely sensitive (easily triggered while cooking) and lack of parking spaces for visitors."
"I love it here. It’s peaceful and issues are resolved quickly. It’s a gorgeous community. The neighborhood is walkable and makes you feel like you are in the suburbs."
"It’s my second day and so far all staff and neighbors have been accommodating and kind! I thought I lost my kitty the first day and everyone can to my aid to help me find him. Turns out he was hiding in the unit. It really helped put my mind at ease that everyone showed support."
"I am still loving my new home!!! Just a few issues with the pool area however I did see the courtesy officer on Sunday to which that was a welcome change."
"Love my apartment. Great for entertaining and the neighborhood is coming together nicely! Amenities are 10/10 love have co-working areas! Staff is super nice."
"I've been here for about 2 months now and I've loved every second of it. All of the residents seem to be friendly. The staff is very nice. I especially love Harold and Sazha because they treat me with such hospitality. My only complaint is that the coffee machine closes at 3pm. Other than that, I love this place so much."
"I’m very happy of living at Alexan Summerhill. The building is full of amenities, is always clean, uses the latest technology and the administrative team is awesome."
"There’s a lot to unpack here. First let me say the community was initially beautiful. The apartment unit itself is great with beautiful amenities. However, here’s why this place is earning 3 stars: If you live on the second floor and some 3rd floor units, you basically the ground floor. These units are the least remedies to by staff because we constantly have to deal with residents pets pooping in front of our balconies and not cleaning it up. The pool area is the worst as it’s like a college party every day with some people from the party loitering outside and ON our private balconies. To top it off, the staff sends emails threatening to fine residents but that doesn’t seem to be working as the problems are getting worse. I’m in disbelief that this “luxury” apartment does little for those that effected the most by these issues, especially those like myself with the outside patio/balconies."
"I had an amazing experience at this apartment complex! The large gym was a game-changer, providing a wide range of equipment for my fitness routine. It was convenient and saved me money on a gym membership. The study area was a peaceful sanctuary, perfect for focused work or studying. The comfortable seating and quiet atmosphere made it easy to concentrate and be productive. One thing that really stood out was how clean the entire complex was. The common areas and individual units were spotless, showing a high level of care and maintenance. What impressed me the most was the team's excellent communication. They were always available and quick to respond to any concerns or questions. It made living here a breeze, knowing that any issues would be promptly addressed. In summary, this apartment complex has it all: a large gym, a serene study area, cleanliness, and an attentive team. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a top-notch living experience."
"We love the experience Alexan Summerhill provides. From the fun and interactive activities to the nice amenities, we enjoy and indulge in what is provided for us."
"I’ve been in my apartment for a year now and it’s been a fairly good experience. Internet is included with my monthly rent but I’m consistently getting kicked offline. I’ve spoken to the provider on many occasions and there seems to be no resolution. Sazsa & Lydia have been absolutely GREAT!!! The Fetch service however is a joke!"
"We’ve been here 9 months and we have zero regrets about moving here! The location gives easy access to the interstate, is within walking distance of a Chase bank, the new Publix, and restaurants along Georgia Ave. The amenities are very calming and relaxing. The staff we give FIVE stars we’ve had questions answered quickly and we love that with so many residents they know us by name."
"Just moved in and haven’t been totally pleased as it relates to communication with the leasing office. The customer service is lacking and They don’t answer the phones. Also there were issues when I moved in. To smelling a horrible odor from the water (sulfur). So I wasn’t able to use th water for 1.5 days. Also the ice maker and water isn’t working on the fridge and hasn’t been fixed after putting a ticket in. The apartment wasn’t clean at all. Dirty floor and dirty tub. I just expected a better experience overall. We will see how it goes as time goes on and will update accordingly. Giving it 2 stars because it is a nice place but otherwise 1 star would be my rating at this time."
"My move in experience was flawless. I appreciate Sasha being there for any questions I had and she checked on me after I got in to see how my move went. Great job? Alexan!"
"Really enjoy living here and everything that Alexan has to offer! I use the amenities often and enjoy all the different spaces. Also, all the staff is great."
"I love the building and the area. The layouts are great and the finishes are very unique. I wish there was more guest parking. Outside of that, I wouldn't change a thing."
"Everything was great. I moved internationally, starting from zero and having to have a livable space right away, so I had to hit the ground running. Having all the facilities ready and having Fetch deliver all my stuff within hours of my arrival really helped."
"Love the community, amenities and location. The newness of the community drew me but there are a lot of interior problems within the unit for us to be the first ones to live."
"Alexan Summerhill is great place to live! The management always responds quickly, the building is well kept and the amenities are top of the line. I would recommend the building and area of town to anyone looking."
"It’s been really good here lately. Haven’t had many problems. I’m excited that summer is coming and I get to try the pool amenities. Also, once the construction stops next door."
"Thus far our living experience has been seamless. The staff are professional and helpful! The amenities and upkeep of the residents is well maintained. One thing that I greatly appreciate it the prompt communication when this occur surrounding or on the property"
"The amenities are really nice, clean and beautiful. Everyone here seems nice and neighborly. Pretty central to a lot of places I need access to."
"It’s been OK experience. Team is very good at getting in but it goes downhill. The upside the building is new. But I give it 2-3 years before the shiny new exterior wears off.shiny new exterior wears off."
"The move in went okay for it to be raining...other than the keys, key fob and parking sticker. It would have been perfect. However the staff was Super fixing all of these issues."
"Very friendly staff and great apartment overall. Maintenance staff is amazing. They are so quick to answer to our problems and are very dependable."
"It’s been a great experience thus far. I love my apartment and the amenities of the community. The property is well maintained. Once the shops open up across the street, this will be a perfect location."
"I am absolutely loving Alexan Summerhill. Marquis was so helpful from finding me my dream unit to helping with my move in. The staff are always around to ask questions and prioritize residents through frequent activities. My only (-) which i believe can be rectified is the enforcement of residents picking up after their pets. Some of the side streets are not being cared for properly primarily by residents. I’d waste pickup could be more enforced or additional clean up would occur I would confidently give place TEN stars"
"Alexan Summerhill is great, i love my space. I wish they would have honored my referral but it’s truly a great community with great management."
"Staff is very attentive and friendly. I love the amenities, especially the game room! When it gets warmer I am sure I would love the pool area as well!"
"I love Alexan Summerhill! We have so many amenities including a massive, well-planned gym and workout classes. Our apartment is so spacious with the biggest closets I've ever seen!"
"The amenities are top notch. The apartment complex and its residents are quiet. Everything is kept so neat and clean. The location is great."
"So far we have had the best transition and a wonderful time. The maintenance guys really were on point and super fast. All of our questions were answered quickly and with detail. I appreciate everyones assistance with this process."
"To be honest, this place is so comfortable that I want to buy it. My requirements are that the environment is quiet and good. The facilities are also new, and it's nice to go anywhere because it's convenient. Although it's located downtown, the surrounding environment is also quite good."
"Been here almost a month and so far so good. The complex is new so things may go a little slower till everything is worked out. Besides that my apartment is good."
"My moving experience was great from the start of me first touring the apartments to move in day. These apartments were first on my list so I I’m so glad to be here! Parking my moving truck was very convient to where I had to walk to get to my apartment. I love it here already!"
"Alexan Summerhill is a great place to live. Nice building and great amenities. I love the parking garage, workout room and location. I've had no issue and am happy to call it home."
"Love it here! 100% recommend. The staff is really nice and always respectful and maintenance handles all request promptly and professionally."
"I really love being a resident here at Alexan. The community is amazing and everyone is super friendly and social. They even have great community events in the building, as well as provide incentives for residents. The apartments are very nice and modern with great spacing."
"I love the space and how beautiful the buildings is especially the rooftop view of downtown! The amenities are probably the best in this area!"
"Easy move in process, The building is quiet and clean. The leasing staff is helpful, still waiting on my gift card from the move in special."
"So far so good move in process was super fast . The building is clean , management is nice and friendly it’s very quiet and the amenities are amazing . It would have been 5 stars if the alarms didn’t go off so often."
"So far so good. I just think there are a few improvements. 1) residents don’t pick up their dog poop around the building + dog park and area around it. 2) the dog trash is consistently out of bags. 3) there are no dog trash on the left side of the building. I don’t think it’s a whole star but more 4.5 but it doesn’t let me do a half star."
"Love it here except all the dog poop collecting around the property even directly on the pavement in places. This is especially frustrating as there are others, including myself, who are diligent about picking it up or don’t even have dogs. I wish people could respect this place as their own."
"The management communication style is great , the amenities are modern and functional, and maintenance response is prompt. The staff makes things work and add colors to your experience."
"Very clean and modern living spaces. I like living here. The leasing agents are very nice and accommodating. The maintenance crew always completes requests in a timely manner. This community is pretty close to everything."
"It was rocky in the beginning, however I have seen great improvements with the staff and responding to issues in a timely manner. I would recommend."
"I love it here..it is so convenient and beautiful! The leasing staff is so sweet. It is so easy for me to access the things I need.. I would recommend this place to anyone."
"Overall, I've enjoyed my apartment and the amenities as well as close proximity to downtown. The only downside has been constant fire alarms and issues with the elevators when I first moved in."
"It’s mostly very nice here. However, I submitted a service request a month ago that has not been resolved. There are never bags at the dog waste stations and the fire alarm has gone off at least once a week since I moved in. Love the neighborhood. The finishes are great. The kitchen is a dream and so are the closet and the bathtub."
"Staff is super nice, definitely one of the highlights. Amenities are gorgeous and units are brand new. The connection to the portal with Bilt is a bit confusing because Bilt doesn’t show your monthly statement but the portal doesn’t either, just redirects you to Bilt."
"It was a very easy application process. The building is beautiful the staff is nice. However the building is still being set up and has many inconveniences that I have experienced since day once. I believe things will be better when all is said in and done over all."
"My resident experience has been decent overall so far. I love the community and its location and it seems the amenities are well-kept for the most part. (What is going on with the resident parking gate arm?)The two main issues are the apartment bathroom plumbing, way too easy to get clogged and there are always air bubbles coming up through the toilet when the shower or sink is in use. Additionally, there has been an ongoing concession issue where I had 1 month free and it keeps getting confused with 6 weeks free applied over 3 months. I have addressed the confusion multiple times where what was discussed when I signed my lease was one full month free and NOT the 6-weeks free over 3 months."
"So far I enjoy living here, Lydia was very helpful with my move in process and ensured move in was smooth. The property is very nice and located very close to everything. The amenities are amazing!"
"I love it here! The front offie and maintenance staff are friendly and work orders get answered right away! The amenities are my favorite part :)"
"The maintenance team is very responsive and fast! It’s exciting all the amenities are opening up so now I can take full advantage of the property."
"It’s wonderful community and great location. The staff is very friendly and very on point with questions and concerns. The amenities just makes it even better."
"Clean, quiet, and love the morning Keurig machine. I love our apartment and am excited to come home everyday! The staff is attentive and responds very quickly to service requests. I am very pleased with the community and love that we are steps away from amazing restaurants."
"We love living at the Alexan Summerhill! As a disabled wheelchair user it can be hard to find apartments that are accessible both in unit and amenities and the Alexan Summerhill excels in this. Management staff is responsive and the Maintenance Crew is the best in town!"
"So far so good! Great amenities- super comfortable apartments. Property hosts many events to connect other residents, that’s cool. Everyone still far is very understanding and very professional"
"So far so good, hate that valet trash stopped, i’m upset we are being monitored on the bulletin board and i hate that we are being charged for trash."
"Living here has truly been a lovely experience! From the modern amenities to the exquisite views of the city. Not too close to be annoyed by traffic but definitely not far from most the essentials or events."
"I love it here as long as it stays quiet and clean. Everyone has been so nice an warming. They keep the property clean. I love the neighborhood. I feel safe & that is most important to me."
"I would give 5 but the building isn’t completely finished and not all amenities are accessible so I’ll hold off. But for now I’ll say it’s about a 4 ish…"
"this unit has showed to be a terrible decision. The windows are paper thin and only for show, if anyone walks by, a car, a bus, a dog, or the security system on the street goes off, you will hear it! 500 for a lease transfer should be a crime in a brand new place built with the insulation of ashed.Noise has been an issue from day one. Whether it be an obnoxious stomping and item slamming upstairs neighbor, many aggressively Loud weight slamming neighbors in the gym, neighbors who pull out equipment in an already small Gym - only to leave their mess for someone else to clean up, and neighbors who go to the gym late at night or at 4:30am to scream and slam weights against the floor.The new coffee machine takes 10 minutes to “warm up” in between breaks (meanwhile they have stopped setting out complimentary snacks and taken away the small and reliable coffee machine in the lobby)."
"Great building and great staff. The amenities are really nice and I love the area. It’s a quiet building and I love my unit. Quick walk to all the restaurants near by."
"The building has a fresh scent throughout the building, and the amenities are top-tier. It's great to have friendly front-desk folks who can answer any question we throw at them."
"Just moved in a week ago, but we're loving our new apartment. Great staff, great amenities, and awesome location in Summerhill. We're happy to be here!"
"I love it. From the neighbors & the people that work here they're all nice. The amenities is what tops this place off. Everything you need is right where you stay."
"I loved the room and amenities. But move in day was hard due to them not having a loading dock or an area we could unload items to make the move easier. Also the walk to my room took a very long time due to the elevator near my room not working. I’m hoping things will improve as I just now moved in. I’m already having an issue with wifi due to my floor being new I guess"
"I very much appreciate all of the help that you guys have given! The maintenance team in particular have been so helpful with everything! Thanks!"
"I love it the leasing agents are also so welcoming and so helpful the complex don’t even feel like I have an apartment I feel like I am home so quiet and peaceful not even a lot of noise considering the location of the stadium it’s still quiet I love the Alexan Summerhill community and do not want to change it from here"
"So far so good!! Absolutely loving the apartment! Everyone is so attentive and seems as if they take pride in their positions. I am excited to see how things unfold at this community."
"It sucks that you have to be forced to write a comment instead of just being able to rate and simply move on. Anything someone types here is a lie"
"I would say overall I’ve enjoyed my experience here at Alexan Summerhill. Things I like… Staff is friendly Fun events Smooth move in experience Neighborhood is very walkable Tons of parking Well kept Designed very well Tons of amenities Things that need improvement… - Maintenance can be a bit slow or they can communicate more. - Tons of construction in the neighborhood. - Appliance are on the lower end. - You can easily hear your neighbors walking around. - Spotty internet. Wish there were more options that just one internet provider (who is pretty new) - Wish there was valet trash. Especially when we’re paying $20 a month."
"My experience had been great so far. Despite the unplanned fire alarms and dropping of wifi connections, it has been exciting to see the development of the complex and opening of new amenities. I can’t wait for everything to be completed. I appreciate the free lunches, rooftop breakfasts and workout grouping offered by the staff. Awesome place to live."
"Our move in was smooth. Even with some elevators not working, it was easy. The community is friendly. A great place to have a few friends over and play pool."
"We have been having a great time here. We just wish our apartment was closer to the garage for grocer purposes. We really enjoy the makers room and I hope to use every amenity by the the time this year is up."
"It's not perfect. Fridge and washer didn't work when I moved in, didn't have a wifi access point in my room (and now that I do the wifi is still slow), so on - but, cognizant that these are issues that happen anywhere and in a building which is still being built. With that being said, I am extremely satisfied with how warm and responsive the staff members and management are, they've handled everything quickly, efficiently, and have been super helpful throughout the whole moving in process and these first couple months even with some of the issues."
"The accommodations are very nice here. Also the staff does everything they can to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible. The apartments are also very functional and in a great place in the city."
"Great experience just not too fond of the internet but still no complaints. Some residents are parking in the ev reserved parking spots but that’s still no biggie."
"Management made the application process seamless! Beautiful community, great floor-plan, perfect location, tons of amenities, it’s the perfect place to live!"
"All around a 5-star experience. I enjoy the amenities and the professionalism of the staff. I'm happy with the apartment and it's super nice and luxurious."
"I love Alexan! It is so great. I enjoy the nice community. So far, i’ve been able to enjoy a home where I am actually comfortable in. Previous homes of mine in Atlanta haven’t been the best, but this one just feels so right!"
"I love the Alexan Summerhill! The staff, the amenities, the apartment..... all are amazing! The location is a plus! There isn't anything that I can think of that could be missing."
"Great experience so far! Love the amenities! The staff is professional and friendly. Sazsa has been a tremendous help with our move. Great location!"
"the design of the building is beautiful and I love the amenities! Dealing consistently with bugs is a big headache :( They are everywhere. I spray and kill them and everyday I wake up there are even more to deal with."
"No complaints here so far. The location is perfect. The staff is great. So far, the available amenities are great. I can’t wait to be able to enjoy the rooftop lounge and the lounge by the pool. I definitely recommend."
"I love this community and I’m extremely anxious to see the final product when construction comes to an end. The staff here has honestly made my move the most enjoyable experience possible. I had the privilege of working with Sazsa Lyle who was extremely thorough and attentive throughout the entire process. She followed-up on every single request I had and made sure I was completely satisfied with my move. Do yourself a favor and ask for her if interested in moving here 😜. What I really like about the area is it's proximity to I-75/I-85, I-20 and the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. A host of great restaurants are literally around the corner and a new grocery store is being built within walking distance. This place is what I consider….beyond convenient!"
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