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Organic and Soothing Self-Care

Pamper yourself at Alexan Summerhill. Our luxury apartments let you relax and unwind wherever you like. So make time to decompress in your new luxury apartment community or a nearby spa like Iwi Fresh. Organic and soothing self-care is closer than ever. So take a few minutes, hours, or days to kick your feet up, close your eyes, and let your stress melt away.

Iwi Fresh Spa

Iwi Fresh Garden Day Spa is one of the few day spas in Atlanta that prides itself on having 100% natural, organic ingredients and treatments. Everything applied to your skin, nails, and hair is grown and raised to give you a healthy, pampered experience. Best of all, they’re only two miles from our luxury apartments, so you can drive by and visit their store or arrive for your spa appointment in less than fifteen minutes.

Tranquil Body and Skin Treatments

Iwi Fresh Garden Day Spa offers dozens of massages, facials, and nail treatments to make you feel beautiful and refreshed, even if you have less than an hour to spare. For example, melt away your back and shoulder pains with a soothing hot stone herbal massage. Feel lighter with a sensitive skin veggie facial. Or, sign up for any of their upcoming pedicure and manicure treatments. You deserve top-shelf treatments.

Take-Home Natural Therapy

Want to bring the spa experience home? Iwi sells many natural products for home use. Try their gentlemen’s pre-shave oil, seasonal choco-cherry body scrub, or cucumber rescue eye cream. You can find plenty of products to help you feel great. Upscale living has its privileges.

Enjoy organic and soothing self-care with a spa day at Iwi Fresh Garden Day Spa close to Alexan Summerhill. Visit Iwi and our Atlanta luxury apartments today.

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