Marshall One-Bedroom Floor Plan - one-bedroom luxury apartment floor plan

Marshall One-Bedroom Floor Plan

Ever dreamt of a space that feels like a warm embrace yet sparks a dash of excitement every time you step in? Glimpse into the enchanting world of Alexan Summerhill’s Marshall one-bedroom floor plan and uncover a treasure trove of living delights. Let’s whisk away on this journey together.

Comfort Meets Functionality

Our Marshall one-bedroom, one-bath apartment is a haven of comfort, style, and luxury, spread across a generous 756 SF of total living space. With an emphasis on openness and flow, the layout makes the most of the space while giving you the room to breathe, relax, and be yourself.

Cook’s Delight

The Marshall has a modern chef’s island if you love to cook or enjoy having friends over for a meal. This isn’t just a regular kitchen counter; it’s a space where cooking becomes an experience. Whether you’re prepping meals for the week or hosting brunch for friends, this feature surely stands out.

Storage Dreams

A feature many yearn for is ample storage space. The Marshall ensures you don’t have to compromise. With a generous walk-in closet, you’ve got room for your summer dresses, winter jackets, shoes, and even those impulse shopping items. No more clutter or ‘I have nothing to wear’ mornings!

Are you ready to experience the charm of the Marshall one-bedroom floor plan? Don’t wait! Schedule a tour at Alexan Summerhill today!

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