Dive into Natural Wonder near Alexan Summerhill

Dive into Natural Wonder near Alexan Summerhill

Dive into natural wonder near Alexan Summerhill. Our luxury apartments put you close to the heart of Atlanta, meaning you’re within reach of the most iconic landmarks and entertainment the city has to offer. It’s easy to find a new adventure every weekend. A new luxury lifestyle deserves adventure. So grab your friends and tour the Georgia Aquarium your first weekend at Alexan Summerhill.

The Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the entire world. It features thousands of aquatic animals, 600,000 square feet to explore, and over 10 million gallons of fresh and seawater. As one of Atlanta’s most famous attractions, it’s popular with residents and tourists of all ages. Best of all, it’s only three miles away from our luxury apartments, and you can drive to their nearby parking garage in about ten minutes.

Say Hello to the Wildlife

As of today, the Georgia Aquarium is home to 175 unique aquatic animals. So visit your favorite type of animal or discover something new. Wander around the eye-catching halls and learn fun facts about the aquarium’s residents. Meet your favorites up close with an Animal Encounter show. Or even dive into an exhibit with a scuba guide.

Accessible to All

Anyone and everyone is encouraged to visit the Georgia Aquarium. In addition to being wheelchair accessible throughout the entire building, they also offer sensory-friendly headphones and admission for service dogs. A new world of luxury is waiting for you at Alexan Summerhill, and an underwater world of adventure at The Georgia Aquarium.

Dive into natural wonder near Alexan Summerhill. Visit our Atlanta luxury apartments and the Georgia Aquarium your first weekend living here. But a new life begins as soon as you schedule your tour and lease today!

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