Amazing Italian with a Contemporary Flair

Amazing Italian with a Contemporary Flair

Savor the classics here at Alexan Summerhill. Italian cuisine can easily bring people together, thanks to a large and hearty pizza or a rich and warming glass of wine. Our luxury apartments in Atlanta put you close to several of the city’s best Italian restaurants. So try amazing Italian with a contemporary flair at Little Azio Pizza and Pasta. But you have plenty of options, from casual to elegant. So celebrate your move to Alexan Summerhill with a tasty meal.

Little Azio Pizza & Pasta

Little Azio Pizza and Pasta feature a casual, contemporary atmosphere. So it’s perfect for lunch with friends or weekday dinners with your family. Their East Atlanta location is only three miles away from our luxury apartments so you can drive to their front doors in under fifteen minutes. Of course, a takeout is always an option. Isn’t flexibility luxurious?

Dozens of Plates to Share

Start your meal with one of their mouthwatering appetizers. Then, keep things fresh with a freshly picked house or arugula salad. Warm your spirits with their homemade meatballs, mozzarella sticks, or crispy fried calamari. Afterward, move on to the main course and enjoy any of their pasta dishes, such as their turkey ragu, chicken Pomodoro, or the spicy Telefono.

A Slice of Deliciousness

Finally, if you’re craving pizza, Little Azio has pizza to spare. Try out one of their thirteen specialty flavors. Find a classic like pepperoni or Margherita pizza. Or you can try local favorites like Philly cheesesteak or shrimp and four cheese. You can also customize your pizza with twenty-three different toppings and a gluten-free pizza dough option.

Enjoy amazing Italian with a contemporary flair close to your new home at Alexan Summerhill. A new life begins with a visit, so see us.